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Pros and Cons of Front-Loading Washers With a Steam Feature

Are you in the market for a new washing machine? If so, you may have already decided you want to buy a front-loading washer. They’re an easy choice. Front-loading washers have many advantages. They fit in small spaces, use less water, are better for large loads, and even outperform top-loading washers in overall performance. The harder decision is whether to buy a washer with a steam clean feature.

How does the steam feature work? Washers with this feature heat the water to the point that it becomes steam during different phases of the wash cycle. The steam is then sprayed like a mist over the clothes. Manufacturers claim that the steam feature washes your clothes better, but this type of top-end washer comes with a higher price tag. Read through this list of pros and cons to see if you think steam cycles are worth the money.

Steam Cycles: The Pros

The argument for the steam cycle feature is that steam can prevent wrinkles and even clean your clothes better than a standard washing machine. The benefits of steam cycles include cleaner clothes, wrinkle-free clothing, and fewer allergens.

Here’s how it works. The steam clean feature operates during all three phases of the wash cycle: pre-wash, wash, and dry. During the pre-wash cycle, steam and hot water combine to allow the clothes to soak before being washed. During the wash cycle, steam helps the detergent to dissolve faster so that it is equally distributed throughout. Lastly, during the dry cycle, steam helps to get rid of allergens, sterilize everything in the wash, and prevent wrinkles in much the same way a steamer would.

Steam Cycles: The Cons

Despite the many benefits of owning a washing machine with steam cycles, there are some negatives. One negative is the price. Front-loading washing machines are already somewhat more expensive than top-loading machines, but washers with steam cycles cost even more. Most of these high-end appliances cost more than one thousand dollars.

Another negative with these washers is that they use more of both water and energy. It takes more water to allow for the steam cycles, but it also takes more energy to heat the water to the point that it becomes steam. The added cycles increase completion time. This means that it will take longer to clean your clothes and use more energy to complete the longer wash cycles.

Keep Your Washer Going Strong

Whatever type of washer you choose, the washing machine is an essential appliance in your home. If you’re in need of washer or dryer repairs, call us at Signature Appliance in Chattanooga, TN today to schedule an appointment.