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Professional Repairs for Your Washer & Dryer

Your washing machine and dryer are convenient lifelines for your household. It can be impossible to keep up with laundry when they don’t function properly. You may have to wash your clothes by hand or hang dry all of the laundry in your household, which takes time and space that you likely don’t have. Instead, call Signature Appliance at (423) 380-1088 the next time you’re in need of washer or dryer repairs in Chattanooga, TN or the surrounding areas. We prioritize rapid, quality service for a long list of brands of washers and dryers. Trust our 15 years of experience, as we know how to repair laundry appliances better than anyone else in the local area.

When to Call for Washing Machine Repair

A modern washing machine should be able to handle most loads of clothes, sheets, towels, and other fabric household items so long as you don’t overfill it or neglect its care. If your washer does struggle to wash your clothes properly or doesn’t run at all, it’s time to call the professionals at Signature Appliance for Chattanooga washer repair.

Before you do call us, make sure your washer is plugged into the power source. It’s not uncommon for an appliance repair call to be solved in minutes because the washer or dryer was simply unplugged. This may have happened because you, a child or a pet bumped the washer, or it may be a result of the washer vibrating so aggressively during a cycle that it comes unplugged.

Once you’ve checked the power source, if you still can’t solve the problem, give us a call at (423) 380-1088 if you notice any of the following:

Signs Your Dryer Needs Repairs

Dryer repair in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas is just as important as washer repair. While you may already hang dry some of your clothes, it’s an incredible hassle to have to put all of your clothes on a line. Dryers also help remove wrinkles from your clothes and quickly dry items that take forever to dry out naturally, like towels, quilts and rugs. A dryer will need repair in Chattanooga, TN when you see any of the following symptoms:
Any of the above are cause for alarm, but not panic. Call the team at Signature Appliance for a full inspection of your dryer, along with repairs and suggestions about how to keep caring for it in the future, so it requires less maintenance over time. We do recommend ensuring your lint trap is cleaned after every use and checking your dryer vent. Both of these simple, quick tasks may save your dryer from burning out far too quickly. Nobody else has the same standards of quality for Chattanooga dryer repairs as Signature Appliance.

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