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4 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Dishwashers

Dishwashers help save time and effort by cleaning dishes at the push of a button. However, these units have an interesting history, such as being invented by a wealthy woman who loathed chipped china. Here are a few other facts you likely didn’t know.

1. Commercial Dishwashers First Came Into the Picture in 1887

In 1887, Josephine Cochran invented the first commercial dishwasher, which was unveiled in 1893 at the Chicago World’s Fair. The unit was initially referred to as Lavadora, and it was nowhere near what we have today. For starters, it was made of a wooden wheel, which was laid in a copper boiler featuring wire compartments for holding dishes.

Ideally, to get the Lavadora working, you had to first load it with dishes and then turn the wheel using the pulley so that soapy water could shower down to it. The Lavadora was such a hit that hotels and restaurants adopted it later to help lessen the burden of washing dishes.

2. Modern Dishwashers Use Way Less Water Than Hand-Washing

A good number of homeowners still prefer pre-wash and pre-rinse. However, reports show that this consumes more water than loading up your dishwasher and letting it do the job for you. Furthermore, a modern dishwasher can significantly cut other energy expenses since it prevents you from using more heated water during hand-washing.

3. The First Motor-Powered Dishwashers Were Invented in 1920

It would take until 1920 for motor-powered dishwashers to be invented. By this time, technology had noticeably advanced, plus there was the implementation of permanent plumbing, making it possible to invent such units. Nonetheless, it would take up to the 1950s for top-loading electric dishwashers to become widely available. While you could buy them in the 1920s, WWII and the economic depression of the 1930s meant these units were way too expensive to purchase and maintain.

4. Dishwashers Are Not Just for Washing Dishes

Dishwashers are reliable kitchen appliances that do more than wash dishes; people have also used them to clean their hats, toothbrushes, sneakers, and more. Even more fascinating, there are tutorials on how you can cook certain foods with a dishwasher. We, however, suggest that you only use your unit for its intended purpose to help extend its lifespan and keep the warranty intact.

Another fun fact you never knew about dishwashers is that they are nearly 100% recyclable thanks to developments in material engineering and manufacturing. Additionally, it is exciting to know that leaving the door of your dishwasher open right after a cycle can save energy by eliminating moisture and allowing for more effective air drying.

Dishwashers have been around for over a century, and, like other appliances, they have steadily advanced to the point that we cannot do without them today. That said, if you are looking for dependable dishwasher service in Chattanooga, TN call Signature Appliance now.